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The input data about raw material, energy, slimming yarm substances, have been collected by direct measurements on machinery, device log, and specifications of the equipment technical books and processes. The output data was obtained using SimaProsoftware connected to internet-specific databases. The purpose of our research has been to study the life cycle assessment of the electroconductive textiles functionalized blade fat burner review RF plasma technology in comparison with classical functionalization treatments.

For evaluation of levels and response factors, 72 experiments are performed by using L36 orthogonal design twice for Taguchi approach. The results show that yarns comprising of finer fibers, combed, waxed, Rotor spun, optimum twist and low linear density have lowest coefficient of friction of yarn, which ultimately improves subsequent textile slimming yarm and improve product qualities.

Let us now consider the total value of the product, the 10 lbs. Să vedem acum valoarea totală a produsului, a celor 10 pfunzi de fire. You're packing 10 lbs of Cerillium under there. Ai 8 kilograme de Cerilium sub aia. Ascunzi 8 kilograme de cerilium acolo!

Keywords: Coefficient of friction, L36 slabire in alaptare design, linear density, Taguchi approach, yarn Citation: Muhammad, M. In this study, it was aimed to analyse the effects of recycled cotton usage on properties of OE-rotor spun yarns and knitted fabrics produced from these yarns. Physical, structural and mechanical properties such as unevenness, imperfections,hairiness, breaking force, elongation, yarn-to-yarn friction, yarn-to-metal friction and yarn-to-ceramic friction were measured by Uster Tester 4 SX, Uster Zweigle Hairiness Tester 5, Uster Tensorapid 3 and CTT by Lawson Hemphill.

Atthe second part of the study, single-jersey knitted fabrics were produced from OE-rotor spun yarns. Effects of waste cotton proportion on knitted fabric properties such as slimming yarm, abrasion resistance, bursting strength and air permeability were also evaluated.

Keywords: recycled cotton, waste cotton, OE-rotor spinning, blended yarns, sustainable production process Citation: Kilic, M. To highlight the effects obtained by RF radio frequency plasma technology was conducted in parallel a study about hydrophobic effect obtained using a dispersion of fluorine compound Slimming yarm TTC on foulard.

The conclusions of the study were that if we use the plasma treatment for hydrophobic effect then this would influence the environment negatively by warming generated by gases and power consumption, when using the foulard method and chemical substances already established, the impact would consist of increasing the consumption of fossil flues, respiratory in organics, and climate change.

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The input data about raw material, energy, chemical substances, have been collected by direct measurements on machinery, device logs and specifications of the equipment technical books and processes. The output data waste energy and chemicals were obtained using statistics, internet databases, and SimaPro software. The objective of our scientific initiative has been to study the sustainability of the RF plasma technology used for hydrophobization, and we obtained that plasma technology used for hydrophobic effect isless eco-friendly than foulard technology for a functional unit of 1 kg treated material.

PDO is also considered to be an ideal degradable material such as PP, which was the most popular used type in medical area. Slimming yarm paper prepared macro-porous structure PDO meshes using an armor plate model of square-pore structure and raw material of PDO monofilaments.

Fabrication parameters including monofilament diameter, pore size, pore shape were discussed based on a suitable mechanical properties of PDO meshes.

slimming yarm

The optimal fabrication processes were obtained after then. The results revealed that PDO mono filaments of 0.

slimming yarm

Square-pore shape strengthened mesh tensile force, maintaining larger suture pulling out force especially compared to that of rhombus-pore shape. In vitro degradation of PDO mesh was measured using 3 different diameter monofilaments.

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Finally, PDO mesh was assessed to have an obvious lightweight advantage, but low strength risk by comparison to several slimming yarm mesh products. The dispersion-based newlymade nanocomposites were analyzed to determine conductivity, particle size, polydispersity and Zeta potential. The finished textile and leather materials were characterized in terms of functionalization treatments performance by: surface resistivity, water contact behaviour, physical-mechanical characteristics and photocatalytic properties.

SEM analysis wasused to investigate the distribution of nanoparticles on the textile and leather materials surface. Polypropylene meshes are an example. In nasal reconstructive surgery they are rarely used for cartilage restoration. The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the utility slimming yarm the collagen-coated polypropylene meshes in nasal reconstructive surgery, as they are easy-to-use materials, with reduced incidence of foreign body reactions and with a very small price compared with other compounds.

We conducted a literature review on the usage of the collagen-coated polypropylene meshes which also includes acomparison with other types of materials applied for nasal cartilage reconstruction.

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Moreover, we performed a retrospec -tive study, on the patients hospitalized in the Plastic Surgery Department of the Clinical Emergency Hospital, Bucharest. The best option and in the same time the gold standard for nasal cartilage reconstruction is considered to be autologouscartilage slimming yarm.

In our clinic we observed good results when autologous septalor auricular cartilage grafts wereused. Polypropylene is seldom used in nasal reconstructive surgery, having been conducted so far, a limited number of studies related to benefits and disadvantages of this type of material in the accomplishment of the medical devices used as a nasal implant.

Polypropylene meshes are largely used in abdominal wall reconstruction and in the surgery for pelvic organprolapse. In this surgical field, collagen-coated polypropylene meshes are also used, but future studies will demonstrate if they are effective enough in the nasal reconstructive surgery as well. Keywords: nets, collagen, nasal cartilage, reconstructive surgery Citation: Păun, M. The dependence and consistency of the four formulae were researched depending on regular and constant colour coordinate changes.

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The aim of the empirical study was to determine if there could be a possibility of using different colour difference formulae indifferent hue regions of CIELAB colour space; in the region of bulk that each formula would give the best fitting and themost reliable results.

The empirical study was carried out by using a special software which was prepared for the purpose. All the formulae showed different computing characteristics in the computation ranges. CMC formula gave the highest colour differences when computing near the grey point.

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It was concluded that CIEDE formula suited itself the best accordingto the changes in computing steps. Fourier transformed infrared spectroscopy, thermogravimetric analyses and scanning electron microscope analysesof the prepared complexes were carried out.

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According to the results obtained, it was observed Fe3O4 HA Ag especially forms inclusion complex withβ-cyclodextrin at a mass ratio of In the second part of this study, results related to the use of these slimming yarm complexes during electrospinning process in order to obtain antibacterial nanowebs, which could potentially be used inmedical wounds, will be given.

Part I. Depending on the expected properties from denim fabrics, the process parameters of coating can be changed. It is important issue how process parameters affect the comfort characteristics of denim fabrics.

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The present study is aimed at optimizing the various coating process parameters for the air permeability properties of denim fabrics by using Taguchi method. The parameters selected for optimization are squeeze pressure, viscosity of coating fluid, fabric passing speed, drying temperature and weft density of fabrics.

An L27 35 orthogonal design was chosen as experimental plan.

slimming yarm

The results show that weft density and viscosity have significant influence on the air permeability properties of coated denim fabrics. Keywords: business knowledge network, clusters, innovation, interorganizational relationships, technical knowledge network, textile industry Citation: Tomás-Miquel, J.

The basic information used for financial performance assessment is found in financial statements. The accuracy of the method used for this evaluation depends on the accuracy of financial statements provided by firms that reflect the activity developed.


In this paper we propose an aggregated index for evaluation the financial performance, based on 11 selected financial rates. The method was applied on a sample of 82 medium-sized companies acting in the Romanian textile sector.

Textile industry is an industry with tradition and an important sector of Romanian economy, both in terms of the contribution to gross domestic product and export growth; it has undergone in the last 20 years a slimming yarm period of transformation and adaptation to a changing market, but has slimming yarm competitive advantage reported to the European one, mainly due to low-cost labour force.

The research results show the hierarchy of the textile firms after financial performance score, The results are useful, especially to managers, by improving decision making of business funding and development, forecasting the future financial performance, selecting business partners, slimming yarm profitable investments, and to financial analysts in fulfilment of business objectives.

Keywords: accounting information, decision making, aggregated index, firm score, medium-sized firms Citation: Hada, T. The aim of this treatment is to achieve a soft handle to facilitate the processability and improve wettability.

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In this study, it was aimed to investigate the effect and washing durability of various softeners on handle properties of cotton and bamboo knitted fabrics. Six types of softeners were applied to the fabrics. Moreover, the washing durability of the softeners after 5, 10 and 20 washing cycles were tested. Handle characteristics such as drapeability, kinetic friction coefficient and circular bending rigidity were measured.

The results were statistically evaluated. It was determined that softening treatment does not have a successful performance in bamboo fabrics as it has in cotton fabrics.

slimming yarm

Keywords: cotton, bamboo, softener, drapeability, surface friction, washing Citation: Mengüç, G. The study draws on the multiple organizations involved in the redesigning activities. The organizations selected for the study are located in the northern part of Romania. Semi-structured interviews along with direct observations were used to collect information.

The paper provides practical insights to upcycling process.

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Various kinds of redesigned products are made out of consumer and industrial wastes such as redesigned clothes, accessories for ladies, handbags, ladies purses and office stationery. Upcycling is generally considered as economically non-feasible.

However, this study has found contradictory results. The demand-based redesign activities can help an organization to earn a profit. Two out of three selected organizations areable to self-sustain. One of the organizations is newly entered into the Romanian used clothing markets and ables to compete with existing players.